Embroidery Round-Up

Because I waited too long to make an entry, I now have about 10 million picture to share. This, plus the fact that I'm on shaky stolen wi-fi means that updating is going to be a struggle--so it's a two-part entry today. Later I'll post up all the print-work I've been doing, but for now, here's some stitchery~!

Deer skirt-the skirt itself is so nice, I found a bunch of Jcrew and Banana Republic stuff in great condition that week. And the deer came out so cute, I'm glad it translated from sketch to stitch really well

Close up. I was thinking of making a little booklet of animal pictures and things that I draw to sell as embroidery patterns with little sewing kits. If I can get it together before the Flea Market, I will. Hell, even if I don't, I can try to etsy it at least.

Whale skirt. I got a random request for a whale riding one of those little 'Rascal' scooters that morbidly obese people use in Walmarts.

So there he is. Chillin' like a villan.

And Astrid's been hard at work too, making little pouches I'm going to sew up tonight.

French whale (oui, oui!)

Happy little 'shroom.

And just so this isn't allll stitchery, here's the dress made out of the dyed cotton I had posted last week. I'm super happy with the piecing and the piping, unfortunately the back got a little messed up, and I'm going to have to do a lace-up finish so it will fit a real person and not a doll!

Hopefully later tonight I'll go back and show you the print work I've been doing~Lots of wings!


  1. Seems as if you've been keeping quite busy! I adore the dress, the colors are gorgeous.

  2. The dear is sweet and the whale on the scooter is an interesting request but very cute too. You've beeen very busy!