Mass Output

I keep promising I'm going to catch up to the point where each entry isn't a painfully large amount of pictures to upload. But it didn't happen this time at all. So get ready, many photos---I've been working hard~!

Finally printed up some real business cards! Yes, they're made of fabric, not paper. Why not? Also, I didn't have any paper or paper-appropriate inks. Please don't go to the Carbonmade site yet, I'm still working on it~

My Elements pendants are almost done, just have to get cords and put the pin backs on the pins. I made 15 of each, 8 pins, 7 necklaces. They're cute, but I'm not happy with how the backs look, I'm going to try something new with the astrology ones I'm working on now.

I do knit! Just not that often. One of the universities around here is having an eco fashion show, so I'm playing around with making some giant cables out of recycled yarn. Frogging all those sweaters was a pain, and knitting with 8-10 strands isn't very fun either. I'm working on a blue one now, but I'm hoping I can get more white sweaters and just make it all white.

Gives you a better idea of size.

Using the rest of my wing print fabric, just made a little double-ruffle skirt.

Believe it or not, the two ruffles are from the same piece of cloth, the top one accidentally fell into the water when I was bullet-steaming it, and the print bled out a bit, but I don't mind the effect.

A really comfy little tank dress I made--this one's really all in the details.

I love theses colors up against the dark gray.

Top stitching.

It's actually reversible, though I like the gray rather better, what do you think?

Astrid gave me massive amounts of that green and white fabric, this is it's first incarnation. Mixed with an old sweater of Kali's.

I think it'll be a nice fall dress.

I lost the whole shot of this shirt somehow, but it's just a normal cowboy shirt-ish design. I added the bib and embroidery.

Just a quicky shirt, my roommate said it reminded her of a superhero. Made from two giant polos.

Aghh, I just remembered I never even posted the sneaker tops I made her. Oh well, next time~~~


  1. I love the cards. You already knew that.

    I also hope you make me a stage dress sometime soon.

  2. Everything is gorgeous! I really love the skirt. The color is beautiful.

    and I love the fabric business cards. They look fantastic.

  3. those fabric business cards ROCK!!!!