More crapola

Agh, I'm always 2 steps behind on my pictures. So here's what I did a few days ago, there's been more since (a lot! two shirts, a skirt, lots of printing) but I'll have to get photos tonight or tomorrow.

My sketches for the four elements pins/necklaces I'm printing.

Stack of Water prints. These have since been made into pendants and pins, and I've printed earth, fire, and air, but they need to be steamed and washed out--I don't use pre-made inks, I mix my own with procion dyes and thickener.

Been getting a lot of use out of my wing-print border design. Printed on an old bedsheet that I dyed pink fading to purple, it washed very light though.

The other half of the bedsheet I dyed darker, unfortunately, this one got all sorts of messed up when I was steaming it, the bottom half fell into the water in the bullet steamer and ran, so it looks really odd.

Dress that I over printed-it was impossible to line it all up on a dress that had already been made, so I just went hog-wild and overlapped them repeatedly~

Lots more to come, I promise~!


  1. The wing-print looks great all overlapped like that !

  2. I love everything! especially the overlapped wings on the last dress.

  3. I saw this dress on Craftster and had to check out your blog- that wing print border is gorgeous! as is the dye and the cut of the skirt. kudos!

  4. I love the way the wings and the whale came out.
    But you already knew that.

    (odd note, but hey, uhm, email me something through your hotmail email as I dont remember it and you cant check your facebook ect. Just incase I cant reach you through IM ect..)

    Oh and I may want the whale on my arm-patch.

    Or any whale. But I do love that whale in particular.

    Okay, I've cluttered your blog enough!