Half and Half

So I'm a little divided right now. On one hand is the opera internship, and on the other I've got all the work I want to do, both stuff to sell and just stuff for myself.

On the opera hand is tons and tons of felt and fake organza and a whole lot of conceptual set pieces that aren't precisely my cup of tea. But whatever, it's credit, so I'll certainly do it. The play is an opera version of Romeo and Juliette, and we've been working on props right now--mostly the 'balcony' and Juliette's bed.

Mi-Kyoung (my teacher) tracing out the giant onion of a balcony.

The Onion in it's finally form, 9 feet square and made of lots and lots of orange and purple felt. I didn't even know felt came that big!

Juliette's bed is made of hundreds of these little guys, who are deceptively time-consuming to make. I still think it's just going to make her bed look like it's made of hundreds of yo-yos.

But my own stuff is going well too, and having access to the studios has been excellent, I've been dying and printing yardages there to work with.

Some recycled and dyed cotton I'm make a dress out of right now. I love the color theme I was able to get.

Some printed bandannas and scarves, with my old screens. I'm trying to do a cloud repeat design right now, but I keep messing up the screen.

And a cute ketchup+mustard top I just finished from recycled t-shirts. My mate Astrid is embroidering this one now with a little mustard and ketchup bottle, then hopefully we can get it sold. I really need to start making money this summer. I'm afraid to make an etsy though, last time I did, nothing really sold. Crud.


  1. I love that top! I've sold 2 things in my etsy :-( pathetic. I think it's over rated now, there's other options around.

  2. i am an etsy fanatic and really want you to link me to you guys'! i think etsy got kind of shitty after martha stewart did a piece on it and now there's sooo much crap to sort through. including some stuff on mine that i should just take down because it's not high qual, you know.
    i think of you girls often and am very proud to have known y'all!

  3. That top is so adorable! I love the color combination and the neck line. Very cute.

  4. perhaps if you go all link-eriffic, and alert people through word of mouth, through f-book, through craftster, through every forum you can think of, and go all advertisy, it would work better? or not, maybe. i see people selling on ebay. and ooh ooh, there are so many little shops in philly that will often allow you to put a few things in their shops- not sure which they are, but i know they exist... eh.

  5. Thanks for the tip guys~!

    Yeah, I will definately be going link-rifferic. I'm going to set up the shop right before I go to the punk rock flea market, I think that will help. A lot of those little boutique stores also sell there, so I'm going to talk to some of them as well and set up a nice online portfolio on carbonmade to give a link to~!

    So much work!!

  6. if you had an etsy I'd buy everything from it. So err... don't get one. I can't afford to be doing that.