Down to the Wire

My big Flea Market is in five days, and now I'm going crazy trying to finish everything up. If you're in the Philly area, you should definately come! Info can be found here

My intership is also over soon-July 6th, and there's still so much to do. I wish I could come in more, but I'm always working my real job.

We've dyed sooo much silk, that's all china silk and silk organza. The colors are incredibly beautiful, and I just want to steal it all and use it for my own work. The china silk at least, I don't really care for how stiff the organza is.

One of Juliet's dresses. All the dresses are just kinda rectangle shapes rather messily sewn together, it's really not my aesthetic at all, but hey, I'm an intern, I just do what I'm told. I tried to fit this one a little nicer, but my teacher didn't like it that way. Oh well~

My proudest moment this week has to be my self-made clothes rack. I have a little T-rack, but I sadly left it back home in Jersey, and can't get back to pick it up. So I did the next best thing and ran down to Lowes and picked up some iron piping. At first I was going to use PVC, but the iron is so much stronger, I'm glad I pitched in the extra money for it.

My poor hands after lugging those pipes many many blocks. I was also carrying two huge bags of materials from JoMar and the thrift store, so I ended up putting them on the ends of the pipes and carrying it across my shoulders. Not fun! It was one of the only times I wished I had a car up here.

And assembled. I'm stupidly happy with myself for figuring this out. It's super solid, and I can always take it apart!

And here's some more shirts and things I've been working away on~

Nice little pile of XL t-shirts I scored that magically became:

I think the bottom one's my favorite, opinions?

Also made an awesomely tacky daisy dress.

And a super comfy plaid dress.

I'm also keeping up on my Zodiac pendants--here's most of them printed up. All the fabric is hand-dyed, and all the ink is hand mixed with procion dyes and print paste.

And finally, a present for the my handsome man, an embroidered patch for his musical project, Days Run Away.


  1. Thanks for your comments on my stuff! Your designs are amazing. I wish that menswear could have some sort of creativity to it. It's so hard to make anything different or original with it actually being wearable in public.

  2. I think your favourite is my favourite, I love the colours of it and the rays. Actually the colours of everything in this entry (other than that daisy dress sorry!) are gorgeous.

  3. Oooooo I wanna take home all that china silk too...