Dear Jane and an Project Revisited

I always have some misgivings about posting my quilting stuff on here--something inside me tells me it's not my 'serious work.' It's silly, I know, and I'm trying to just see it as both a more design oriented end of my work, as well as helping me gain further precision in my sewing, and giving me some blankets to put on my bed, in the end.

I've started working on a "Dear Jane" quilt. I'm not normally the type to want to make something from a pre-existing pattern, but it's a sort of brute force pinnacle of quilt-making, and I love the ridiculously small, precise scale it requires. It's like my little jigsaw puzzle.

The original Dear Jane Quilt. As it states proudly on the bottom corner, made of 5,602 pieces.
So far I've managed the first two squares.

A1-Pinwheel gone awry. I'm ignoring the idea of a background fabric and just making every square a different combo of colors. It'll be obnoxious I'm sure.

Yesterday I started A2, here's the 'drawing on freezer paper stage'

The 'iron onto fabric then trace around and add seam allowance stage'

And after four hours of meticulous piecing, I've got this.

I'm also restarting up work on my old t-shirt quilt. It's not what you would consider, um, a traditional 't-shirt quilt.'
I've posted it before, but in case you forgot, that's the status it's still in, and sat in for two years. It's a damn shame to let it rot, so now I'm determined to finish. But I sure as heck don't want to make any more 3" blocks with jersey knit. So I'm going to improvise some borders with the scraps and triangles I have left, plus some black and white shirts Seamus recently donated to the stash. Cutting some rectangles up tonight, I'll post progress soon.


  1. Erica,

    That quilt is awesome! Check your email!...

    Hope you are well,

  2. oh my word, you have more patience than me. That will be stunning upon completion

  3. Hi , Welcome to the family of Dear Janers. Are you in Sydney ? if so where abouts are you? Cheers Denise