Growth Rings

The t-shirt quilt is growing, around and around. I did pick up more shirts on Monday, both black and gray, and I decided to split the remaining triangles into light and dark to do two sawtooth borders.
All the lighter triangles got sewn to the gray shirt fabric and made into many little squares. They finish at a little under 1" and I think I made about 250 of them.
So since last time, I added a 1.5" gray border, the sawtooth border, a 1.5" black border, a 2.5" gray border, and another 1.5" black border. Next is the black and dark colored sawtooth, then maybe just solid black around the outside. I still need about 8-9" around each edge to make it big enough to cover one of my comforters.
And I also finished my third Dear Jane block, here's A-3. A little wobbly, I did it in pieces rather than applique, because that's what it looks like in the picture.

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