From the Cuff Up

Folks, it's just not my year, I'm now sick with the flu. Really just hitting all the popular illnesses one after the other. However, I did get some things done before I got sick, and now that my fever's down below 100 degrees, I feel up to looking at a computer screen long enough to post them.
The coat itself has been cut into shape--it's a cut-away shape similar to the other coat. It's a shape I like and something sort of consistent throughout the garments. The sleeves are slit, so they can hang, and I've already cut the cuffs off, the sleeves will be gathered into them.
Something like the bottom left illustration, but with a tight cuff, and the rest of the sleeve gathered into it. I swore I had seen something like that in a historical piece, but since I can't find an example, I might be making things up. Which is fine, I'm not in the historical reconstruction business.
I decided to start the braid application on the cuffs--they're small and fairly manageable. There's a combination of 5-strand and 3 strand braid and a twisted strand of leather (for the spirals) The nice thing about using leather is that I get the smooth leather side and the suede side to work with.
The twist is a little difficult to work with (I have to sort of twist and hold it, then couch it down as I go) so my spirals are a little lopsided, but I think it's getting easier. I'm not looking forward to making the long braids to go around the edge, it all gets very tangled.

In slightly less important news, I just got these great new shoes (made in Pennslyvania!) but they have a true leather bottom, and I will both slip and fall and wear them out really quickly.
So I cemented on a layer of tough suede to the front, which will hopefully add grip and help protect the sole a little bit (I always wear out the front of my soles faster than anything else)

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