Finally a New Post, Finally a New Camera!

I haven't posted recently because I got sick for a good week there, and didn't really work on much of anything. I had some sort of allergic reaction, we think to a cheap laundry detergent I bought, and broke out in some really terrible hives all over my head, legs and hips. And as that finally healed up, I caught a nasty cold from my coworker.

On the bright side, it gave me a lot of time to start organizing my enormous image archive of well, everything-I have about 2,500 images saved on my laptop, and they were just sort of jumbled into general categories, so I'm (still!) working on getting them on a thumb drive in some sort of orderly fashion.

And I got a new camera! I was fed up with my little Powershot--it kept telling me the batteries were dead, after only taking a few shots. And it was horrible in anything less than very bright conditions. So with a little birthday money donated by my parents and boyfriend, I bought a gently used Canon 20D this very night! Very exciting.Despite my relative inactivity, I did manage to finish both of the silk braid strips. Now I just need to figure out what to do with the rest of the coat. Part of me just wants to make it a very simple sashiko-style quilted jacket, the other half wants some sort of braided trim application.

The colors are so much more true-to-life with this new camera! And I don't have to play around with the color balance much at all--hurray!
I took some test pictures with my horns, thought I would post them, since I only photographed it on the head. Still thinking I need to redo the coif again...ugh.
I also reorganized my materials in the living room, and now I'm working on making some basic shirt/pant patterns for myself (you know, in case I ever get around to making myself anything)

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